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  • Susan Pellegrom

What Is Renewable Energy?


The Energy Price Guarantee for Businesses

Renewable energy is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to electricity – whether that be for your domestic property or your business.

With so many choices of renewable energy becoming readily available, and more constantly being developed, renewable energy is the way forward for many businesses to become more financially smart and environmentally friendly.

Read on to explore the different options for renewable energy and decide which may be best for your business…

The Different Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes in many different forms, knowing the main types of renewable energy will make it easier when it comes to deciding what would work well for you and your business, here are the main types of energy that remains environmentally friendly…


Solar energy is extremely efficient and it is usually generated through solar panels. Although the initial installation of solar panels can be a little costly, their maintenance and upkeeping are low-cost and they are a great way of generating energy even in cloudy weather.

Solar panels are increasingly becoming more popular and work by absorbing photons from sunlight and initiating an electric current – we can fit panels in your garden or fields, some even choosing them to be on the roof of their homes.


Wind energy is generated through wind turbines, which turn into electricity using force and motion from the rotor blades. When the wind blows, the blades are forced round that consequently drives a turbine and begins generating electricity.

Similarly to solar panels, they have a high installation cost but very low running costs.


Biomass heating can be utilized as an energy source as heat can be generated from this natural fuel through direct combustion followed by gasification, combined heat and power and anaerobic digestion.

It is generated by burning wood, chips and other organic matter, creating affordable heating fuel benefits and lower carbon consumption.

Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy’s main advantage is in the name – they're renewable. This means, that these sources of energy will never run out, and will be with us for many lifetimes.

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy doesn’t harm the environment and may actually work out cheaper for you and your business in the long run.

Financial Benefits

As previously mentioned, the initial setting-up costs of solar panels and wind turbines can be expensive, however, once installed they are easily run and maintained. With the cost of fossil fuels increasing drastically in 2022, the future is uncertain, so investing in renewable energy as soon as possible will save you money in the future. Additionally, there are a number of grants out there that can help keep the costs of your renewable solutions lower (including our very own Gaeltel Grant).

Renewable energy sources are extremely efficient and like solar panels, are practically free to run once they have been installed, allowing you to invest money back into your business rather than wasting it on hefty electrical bills.

Environmental Benefits

It goes without saying that renewable energy is exceptionally better for the environment than fossil fuels are, with global warming and pollution becoming more alarming each day.

Using renewable energy will make a difference, no matter how big or small, and will give back to the environment rather than take away from it.

Taking care of our planet is a large benefit on its own, and should be a priority for all.

How You Can Start Using Renewable Energy

Now that you know all about renewable energy and the different types and sources available, it could be time for you to take the first step towards becoming more environmentally friendly while saving your business some money.

We are here to help – our dedicated team at Gaeltel will get to know you and your business and complete a free energy audit to determine the most efficient actions to cut consumption, carbon and costs.

Get in contact with us at for more information.


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