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How Solar Power Will Benefit Your Business


How Do Solar Panels Work?

What Are the Top Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business?

How to Switch Your Business to Renewable Energy

Solar energy has become the most popular and efficient way of powering businesses across the world. With electrical bills increasing exponentially in the UK, and solar power having very low running costs, it seems like solar is the future!

Generating electricity from solar energy means your company uses less fossil fuel, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to solar power your company does its part to fight climate change and reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy sources.

Commercial solar panels can make a real difference to your business by generating free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy bills.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work by absorbing photons from sunlight and initiating an electric current. The resulting energy generated from photons striking the surface of the solar panel allows electrons to be knocked out of their atomic orbits and released into the electric field generated by solar cells, which then pull these free electrons into a directional current. This entire process is known as the Photovoltaic Effect. Another benefit is that if you can create more energy than you use, you can either keep it on-site using battery storage, or you can feed the excess energy back to the national grid and get a small payment for it, so it’s a win-win situation for both your business and the environment.

Solar panels have very low maintenance costs and will not take a lot of money out of your pocket once installed.

What Are the Top Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business?

Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy, with many personal and environmental benefits which could also benefit your business. One of the main benefits is that they require very little maintenance and are actually very cheap to run. Once installed and the initial costs have been paid, the remainder of the system’s lifespan is completely free (21 years minimum on average), allowing you to invest the money into more valuable parts of your business

Due to high energy prices, which are likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future, the payback time for solar panel installation has dropped from around 8 years to 4 years or less. This makes solar a great investment, as our warranted products give you a minimum 25-year lifespan. The reliability and low running costs of solar energy will save you money which you can apply to your business and invest where needed. Plus, renewable energy is very popular with customers and potential clients, gaining a ‘renewable business’ reputation is brilliant! On some renewable products, we offer a 30-year warranty giving you even better value for money.

Financial Benefits

Solar panels may seem expensive at first, but the only costs required for solar energy are the initial set-up installation. After the installation process is finished, the running costs are practically non-existent. The panels hardly need maintenance and through modern development, the cost of installation and manufacture is decreasing every year. Saving money from heating and fossil fuels will give you the opportunity to save and focus on spending your capital on the core function of your business. Government grants and schemes are available for those willing to make the change. Check with your local council or the government website and earn some free money acting as a contribution to help your business become more environmentally friendly.

Marketing Advantages

What’s better than a successful and thriving business marketing its brilliant services? A successful, thriving and RENEWABLE business marketing its brilliant services.

Alongside the many environmental and financial benefits, switching to solar panels will also give you plenty of marketing advantages which you can use to your benefit. Having solar energy within your business will give you an upper hand over those sticking with fossil fuels, as renewable energy is highly promoted worldwide, and many advocates won’t partner or buy from a business that hasn’t started making a move to become more environmentally friendly.

Think about it, you could be attracting more potential customers due to marketing your business as using solar energy, saving money during a long-term period and helping the environment’s sustainability.

There you have it – the top benefits of using solar power within your business and how this could be a key turning point in bettering your business.

The added marketing techniques, financial benefits in the long-run and decreasing start- up costs, alongside doing your part in helping the environment and place that we call home. Solar energy is becoming the future, as fossil fuels are starting to become more and more detrimental to our planet.

How to Switch Your Business to Renewable Energy

At Gaeltel we pride ourselves on helping businesses switch to ethical, green energy.

With us, you can also benefit from a 5% grant on all our 37 renewable energy solutions in our portfolio. This grant is automatically applied to all Gaeltel quotations, so there are no cumbersome application forms to fill out.

Please also note that this discount is in addition to any grant you can get from any other source. Gaeltel is serious about saving the planet. Help us to achieve our goals and book a free site survey or a no-obligation quote.

Gaeltel offers turnkey solar projects to commercial clients ranging from 30 to 1000s of panels with a range of battery storage options to meet the requirements of your operation.

Finance options (excluding CAPEX) include:

  • Lease – flexible terms up to 5 years. In most cases the electrical monthly Pound savings from your solar production is greater than your monthly lease repayment, adding value to your bottom line. After the term and 1 additional instalment, full ownership is transferred to your company

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is where Gaeltel installs, owns, and operates solar systems on your business’ property. Your business then purchases the solar electric output for a predetermined period and cost.

Or contact Gaeltel to find out how to fund your renewable solution through your utility bills.

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