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The Gaeltel Grant

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Save money on your renewable solutions.

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Available for all products. 

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Automatic & instant approval. 


Save Money on Your Renewable Solutions

Here at Gaeltel, we're passionate about helping businesses to reduce high energy costs and reduce their carbon usage. 

With us, you get access to the largest global portfolio of energy-saving solutions, but we wanted to go one step further. 

What is the Gaeltel Grant?

The Gaeltel Grant is a one-off scheme available to businesses wanting to decrease their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and save on business costs. 

With it, you get 5% off the total costs of renewable solutions that you purchase from Gaeltel, applicable to all of our products. 

Our grant can even be used in conjunction with any other grants that may be available elsewhere, maximising your saving and helping you get started on the roadmap towards carbon neutrality. 

With the Gaeltel Grant, there are no complex application forms or long waits for decisions. You'll get instant approval on all purchases from Gaeltel. 

Who Can Get a Gaeltel Grant? 

The Gaeltel Grant is available to all regions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

It will automatically be applied when you purchase one or more of our 37 hardware, fuel solutions and software products. 

Our grant can also be combined with all national, regional and local renewable grants. 

What National Grants are Available for Renewable Energy?

If you're looking to make the switch to renewable energy, there may be some national grants available that you could take advantage of. 

These can be paired with the Gaeltel Grant to fully maximise your savings. 

Here are some national grant bodies you could explore:

Gaeltel is also able to fund renewable solutions, interest-free, through your utilities accounts.


This means you will be able to obtain and fund your renewable energy solution via savings achieved through the reduction in your energy bills 

Sustainable Energy

Largest Global Portfolio of Energy-Saving Solutions

At Gaeltel, we access all energy-saving solutions, both hardware and software.

We are experts at determining your requirements and we only source products from our network of trusted manufacturers, so you can rest assured that your solutions are of the highest quality.

You won’t be out of pocket, as the reduction in your energy bill is reinvested to cover your service requirements.

We Partner With a Wide Range of Trusted Utility Service Providers to Find You the Best Solutions