We specialise in providing smart energy solutions for businesses.

You can now earn money for your business by supplying energy generating or storage services to the National Grid utilising all of the network providers.

As a rule on renewal your current provider tends not to provide you with the best deal and usually pushes the pricing up.

We work exclusively with providers who service their clients with full dedicated account management and can source comparisons from 48 different supply sources.

While you may be in contract we can give you market guarantee prices on your future costs up to 18 months before your contract ends.

You can also elect to work with providers who have invested the most in greener technology, helping to do the utmost to reduce Co2.

A vast array of products and services are available to businesses throughout the UK.

These include Analogue and Digital Phone Systems, in some cases fully or partially enabled with IP technology. Hosted or VoiP Telephony Solutions.

Virtual Attendant and non geographic services. Follow me and multiple device services.

Network services from all the main UK Telephone network providers.

Unified Communications solutions allow you to link your IT CRM base with your telephony solution to speed up in and outbound call handling.

Call management, Call recording, Voice recognition and billing solutions

Your IT requirements and productivity are now directly linked to the quality of your internet connectivity.

While in some rural areas Broadband ADSL is the only affordable option, the roll out of fibre to the cabinet FTTC Superfast Fibre is developing at a pace.

You can however get much faster with bespoke solutions such as Ethernet First Mile EFM or a Dedicated Fibre Link which is not contended. These often have been referred to as leased lines or VPN's Virtual Private Networks.

A variety of internet solutions can be clustered and fully managed to provide all the services for larger firms.

All of this and your voice equipment can be served by a high grade Structured Cabling Network solution such as Cat 6 cabling or Fibre Optic Cabling & Backbones.