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  • Susan Pellegrom

Are Electric Cars the Future?


How Do Electric Cars Work?

Costs of Running an Electric Vehicle

Benefits of Having an Electric Car

So... Are Electric Cars the Future?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, with companies producing hybrid and fully-electrical vehicles worldwide. Petrol and Diesel are slowly starting to fade and with extortionate fuel costs, it’s likely that people will begin to prefer electric vehicles over the standard.

Read on to find out all about electric vehicles and how they could be the future due to their financial and environmental benefits.

How Do Electric Cars Work?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by electricity, usually through batteries or fuel cells, with multiple charging ports being available for these vehicles nationwide. There are many different types of electric vehicles, with some being all-electric (the battery being the only source of power), while others have adapted a hybrid method (combination of a combustion engine with an electric motor).

By charging the vehicles through a charge point, electricity is directed straight to the vehicle and into rechargeable batteries which power the electric motor and then function as a normal car.

There are many adaptations of the electric vehicle to choose from, with one of the most popular providers of electric cars being Tesla. These cars are fully-functioning, reliable and have a sleek look, with many other retailers such as Toyota and Hyundai jumping on the electric opportunity

Costs of Running an Electric Vehicle

Of course, the running costs of an electric car depend greatly on the model, make and design of the car, much like with normal vehicles. However, it is safe to say that electric cars require less maintenance than an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, electricity costs much less than petrol, and with the cost of living constantly rising, an electric car could be a blessing for you in 2022.

Much to people’s surprise, there are specific government grants and schemes if you’re willing to change your car to an electric one, with the government offering discounts on specific electric vehicles which will definitely save you some money.

Also, most electric/hybrid vehicles are exempt from emission taxes, meaning when you’re travelling around large cities such as Birmingham and London, you will possibly be saving money on fuel and on emission taxes.

It is also important to mention that there are many affordable hybrid/electric vehicles in recent years as the market for them has expanded exponentially, making them accessible to average incomes.

Benefits of Having an Electric Car

With the cost of petrol and diesel rapidly rising, considering an electric vehicle may be a brilliant decision.

Firstly, the environmental benefits are huge, seeing as though reducing your carbon footprint should be on top of our priority list. It is reported that transport accounts for around one-fifth of global CO2 emissions, with nearly 75% of these emissions coming from road vehicles.

Decreasing the number of vehicles that use petrol and diesel will also decrease emission rates, paving our way towards a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, due to duel and diesel becoming extremely expensive, especially for those of us that have to commute daily, electric vehicles are substantially cheaper through running costs and will help you tighten your budget and use the money elsewhere within your business or personal life.

Using electric vehicles as work cars is a brilliant idea as there are no CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere, they are most cost-efficient and the market is drastically expanding, making these vehicles more affordable.

So… Are Electric Cars the Future?

The answer is… most likely.

As we have all (unfortunately) witnessed, the price of fuel is rising, CO2 emissions are becoming detrimental to the environment and petrol cars are slowly starting to become unknown. Although there are some challenges with electric vehicles such as the battery life and charging times, there are a wide variety of premium and standard car companies which are working continuously to abolish these issues.

As with anything, electric cars will become continuously more developed throughout the years, and as demand for fuel and travel grows, it is inevitable that electric cars will have to step up.

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