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  • Susan Pellegrom

Transparent Solar Panels – How Solar Panel Types Have Evolved


Transparent Solar Panel

Glass is everywhere. The windows of your home, workplace, car, even your mobile phone, but what if it did more than just let light pass through it? What if this glass could also produce energy? BIPV or building integrated photovoltaics are making new ground and one solution, in particular, is offering a clear way forward…

How Does Fully Transparent Solar Glass work?

Fully transparent solar glass is comprised of Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrators (TLSC’s) made of organic salts that are able to absorb light rays from the invisible light spectrum such as infrared and UV. This then causes the salts to glow and the light from this, powers photovoltaic cells that are situated at the edges of the window pane.

Unlike transparent solar panels that have cells integrated throughout the glass, the advantage of having the photovoltaic cells at the edges of the window pane means that Fully Transparent Solar Glass is exactly that: fully transparent!



Any form of renewable energy will always be preferential to fossil fuels which is why it’s even better to learn that installing windows with solar glass that can generate you energy is as easy as installing a standard glass window pane.

Additionally, we know UV and infrared can be damaging, which is why it is comforting to know that solar glass blocks anywhere between 95-99% of these harmful wavelengths.


Because there is already a need for windows within buildings, solar glass works as an ROI accelerant, giving you energy that a standard window would not. Furthermore, solar glass is well insulated in regards to both thermal and sound, meaning that would also save money on heating.

The main trade-off to consider between investing in solar glass and standard PV panels is that currently, the energy output of solar glass is far less. However, if you are lacking in roof or ground space to mount stand PV, yet have an abundance of windows then this could be a highly practical solution. Bear in mind though, it is still in its infancy and is not yet widely available.


The main appeal of fully transparent solar glass is that it is indeed fully transparent. This means it can be placed anywhere standard glass can and furthermore, can be made in different thicknesses, sizes, colours and shades in order to suit your needs.

Transparent Solar Panel

How We Can Help Get You Started

At Gaeltel we pride ourselves on helping businesses switch to ethical, green energy.

With us, you can also benefit from a 5% grant on all of our 37 renewable energy solutions in our portfolio. This grant is automatically applied to all Gaeltel quotations, so there are no cumbersome application forms to fill out.

Finance options (excluding CAPEX) include:

Lease or Hire Purchase: When you choose a monthly lease (or hire) purchase, you'll pay for your renewable solution monthly over a term of your choice (typically between 2 and 7 years). In most cases the electrical monthly pound savings from your solar production is greater than your monthly lease repayment, adding value to your bottom line. After the fixed term and one additional instalment, full ownership is transferred to your company

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): With a power purchase agreement, you pay monthly over a term of your choice (typically between 3 and 20 years) for your renewable solution. Throughout the term of your PPA, you pay for your energy usage only, and your kilowatt hour (kWh) rate will be fixed at a rate lower than current kWh rates in the market.

Read more about the different funding and grant options available to businesses, or contact Gaeltel to find out how to fund your renewable solution through your utility bills.


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