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How Do Smart Meters Work?


What Does a Smart Meter Do?

Top Advantages of a Smart Meter

Do Smart Meters Reduce Energy Usage?

Will a Smart Meter Save You Money?

How Can Gaeltel Help You Save?

Smart meter showing meter readings

Smart meters are becoming more and more common for homes and businesses across the UK. They’re a fantastic tool to help everyone become more aware of exactly how they’re consuming energy.

But can they really help you to save money on your energy bills?

Let’s take a look at exactly how smart meters work and the impact they can have on your business...

What Does a Smart Meter Do?

A smart meter measures exactly how much electricity and gas you’re using and how much it’s costing, in real time. That means if you turn on a new device, switch on a light or up the thermostat on the heating, the usage shown will reflect this immediately. These recordings are usually available on a handy, portable display for quick reference, so you can keep an eye on your usage.

A smart meter is also then able to forward your meter readings directly to your energy supplier, completely eliminating the need to send them in manually every month or falling victim to estimated bills.

Top Advantages of a Smart Meter

Converting to a smart meter has lots of handy benefits that will save you time, and potentially money.

Here are our top three advantages that come with using a smart meter:

1. Accurate Energy Bills

Any human error that could come with manual meter readings is completely eliminated when your business starts using a smart meter. Plus, when you’re busy running a business it can be a pain to remember to send those figures through on a regular basis. With a smart meter, you’ll never have to deal with an estimated bill again as it will all be done for you.

2. Clarity Around Energy Consumption

Without a smart meter, it can be very easy to overlook how much energy you're using and when. With the real-time display a smart meter provides, you can see exactly how much energy you’re using and the money you’re spending. This can be a great motivator to make smarter decisions around your energy usage, having a positive impact on the amount of energy you use, your costs and your carbon footprint.

3. A Greener Future

Smart meters are one of the first steps towards helping Britain create a smart gird. A smart grid will help to provide low-carbon energy to businesses and homes across the UK, and increased usage of smart meters and accurate meter readings will play a massive role in this.

smart meter recording kettle usage

Do Smart Meters Reduce Energy Usage?

Technically, having a smart meter won’t reduce your energy usage. If you have a smart meter installed at your place of work and continue to consume energy in the exact same manner, nothing will change.

However, what a smart meter is great for is providing a visual representation of exactly what you’re using and how much you’re spending. Observing how much energy certain devices use, peak consumption times for your office, and exactly how much that is costing you can help you to identify small and big changes you can make to bring your energy usage down.

For example, you might opt to switch to LED lighting or motion sensors if you find that lighting in the office might be wasteful. It also may prove to be a fantastic motivator to start looking at what green energy solutions are out there and how they could help your business.

Will a Smart Meter Save You Money?

Again, just installing a smart meter won’t automatically save you money. However, making small changes to how your business is consuming energy could have a large impact on how much you’re spending on your energy bills.

If you find that you’ve made all of the little changes you can, there are still plenty of alternative energy solutions you can look into to help your business to save on energy bills.

How Can Gaeltel Help You to Save?

Here at Gaeltel, we have access to the largest global portfolio of energy-saving solutions.

We offer a completely free energy audit, where a member of our team will visit your premises and determine the most efficient actions you can take to cut consumption, carbon and costs.

What’s more, we also offer our unique Gaeltel Grant to help make green energy accessible to all.

With it, you get 5% off the total costs of renewable solutions that you purchase from Gaeltel, applicable to all of our products. Our grant can even be used in conjunction with any other grants that may be available elsewhere, maximising your saving and helping you get started on the roadmap towards carbon neutrality.

With the Gaeltel Grant, there are no complex application forms or long waits for decisions. You'll get instant approval on all purchases from Gaeltel.

Ready to find out more about saving money on your energy bills?

Contact us by emailing for more information, or get in touch below!

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