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  • Susan Pellegrom

The Role of Renewable Energy in Attracting & Retaining Employees


Attracting New Employees

Retaining Talent

Retaining & Attracting Customers

The rise of renewable energy has not only been beneficial when it comes to the environment and sustainability, but also for the recruitment and retention of employees within businesses. With developments being made within huge corporate companies towards net-zero futures, a renewable energy plan may be the key to your company’s success.

Here is how embracing renewable energy for your business can help you to build your ultimate dream team:

Attracting New Employees

Companies that invest in renewables and sustainable practices are often viewed as socially responsible. Showing that you're aware of current issues and a forward-thinking enterprise can be a massive plus for your company when you are recruiting members for your team.

This is especially true when it comes to younger generations. Sustainability has become a key part of a developing society – and showing future employees that your company is moving with new developments is a great way of showing you’re an innovative business that aligns with the values of potential new team members.

Retaining Talent

As a business, you want to make as many developments as possible that will also reflect the ethos of your staff internally. That's why embracing sustainable energy goes a long way toward making your current employees feel like they are a part of something that embraces good change.

Being a more sustainable business and adapting to renewable energy sources can lead to a positive reputation and increased employee morale, which can ultimately see reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.

It could be a great idea to ask your current employees if sustainability is something they are passionate about, and start taking small steps toward a renewable future. You can do this by hosting educational talks about renewable energy, getting speakers from relevant organisations (such as Gaeltel) to inform your employees, or announcing your plans towards the installation of renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Retaining & Attracting Customers

Although your employees should be the heart of your business – renewable energy is also a great way of attracting and retaining customers, which makes the switch to renewable energy a win-win situation.

A large number of consumers out there now prefer to shop from businesses they believe to be sustainable, with companies across all sectors receiving an uptick in enquiries about how environmentally friendly the products or services on offer are.

Switching to renewable energy has never been easier, and it has never been more in demand by both employees and customers.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to renewable, so if you’re looking to recruit or gain a higher level of retention – look toward a green future.

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