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Case Study: Spar Retail Outlets

The Owner of Two Retail Outlets in Scotland Will Save £21,000


Reduction In Lighting Usage

5 Year

Fixed Contract


Saving On Next Renewal

Our client owned two food retail shops in the North of Scotland. They came to us as their electricity contracts for both stores were up for renewal.


They’d already gone ahead and installed LED lighting in his busiest store. We met with them and recommended an LED retrofit for his smaller site, as well as Voltage Optimisation for the larger store.


We took care of all the leg work, supplying new contracts that were locked in for 5 years – giving our client a fixed cost and an easy-to-budget for energy account.


The costs for the stores’ new hardware were added to the business’ energy bill and spread over 60 months interest-free, so there was no capital expenditure for our client.


With out solutions, our client has seen a 52% reduction in lighting usage in their smaller store, and a 9.2% reduction in kWh usage in the larger.


Thanks to Galetel, they’ll now save £9,200 over their contract period – with future savings of around £21,000 on their next contract renewal.

Spar Store
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