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Case Study: Leading Fish Producer

Large Salmon Factory Saves £50,000 a Year


Gas Bill




Saving Per Year

The factory has an annual power use of around 2.2 GWh.


Our analysis of the half-hourly data found that the power followed a trend of baseload which could be covered by one system and a peak which could be covered by a second unit. With lower consumption on Sundays.


Using this information and a detailed analysis of annual heat load measurements, we concluded that a twinset CHP unit would provide the flexibility we needed.


The project had a few challenges; space was tight, so we had to overcome space restrictions and allow the customer to make storage space under our unit.


We also had to reconfigure the plumbing to supply heat to multiple calorifiers throughout the factory and replace a steam main with system that could withstand the coastal environment.

The business saw power and heat savings of £50,000 per year. With their new innovative energy supply agreement, Biosus provides the gas meaning the client has no gas bill. The client is also now only charged for each kilowatt of power and heat used, with guaranteed savings versus Grid connection.

Large Factory Energy Solutions
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