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Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging Points supply power for charging electric vehicles.

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With electric vehicles prevailing and many preferring them over the standard car, it’s important that your business adapts to change and starts considering EV charging points.

Many of your employees may be thinking of getting an EV, with some already owning one, therefore, helping them with charging points will be highly beneficial for your business and your employees, while also aiding the environment.

What are Electric Vehicle Charging Points?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging points are used for charging electric and hybrid vehicles, and with more people choosing them as their preferred car, it’s important that charging points are easily locatable.

EV charging points are quickly multiplying, with the Government predicting to build more than 270,000 new public chargers by 2030 to keep up with demand, meaning it will be easier to plan long journeys making EV’s a lot more accessible.

Electrical Vehicle Charging

How to Charge Cars at Work

Installing EV charging points at your business, factory or training site will be amazingly beneficial to both you as an employer and your employees.

Alongside the Government’s plan to increase the number of EV charging points nationally, they are also offering businesses and public sector organisations the chance to claim financial support under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), making it even easier for you and your business top charge EV’s at work. You can also benefit from the Gaeltel Grant on any products or renewables purchased with us! 

Benefits of Having Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Having EV charging points installed at your business’ site comes with many benefits, the biggest one being conveniency. With the increase in number of EV’s, it’s important that you and your employees have a nearby charging point, so, why not make that as close as possible?

Also, having EV chargers will be seen as a benefit when working at or visiting your business. Important visitors having charging points when coming on the site of your business will set you aside from competitors, and involve you in the push for renewable energy.

How You Can Get Started

Electric vehicle charging points can be extremely beneficial for your business, so getting started on the installation of them should be on your priority list.

With grants available, and more EV’s appearing, installing charging points has never been more accessible.

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