Linking Rural Medical Practices - Aberfeldy and Kinloch Rannoch Medical Practice

When invited to tender for the replacement of the telephone system for the Aberfeldy Medical Practice it became clear that there were major benefits to consider linking it with the 2nd practice at Kinloch Rannoch.

After some research is appeared that Kinloch Rannoch had the right links to benefit from VoiP, whereas Aberfeldy at that point did not have a roll out date for Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC.

Two systems where installed allowing each practice to work fully as they did before but with vastly improved customer call handling as each system had its own auto attendant.

An easier call flow and call handling helped the workload of staff who managed calls. Call recording on demand also enhanced communication to the next level, helping with training of staff and minimising unwanted calls.

When Fibre became available in Aberfeldy the 2 systems became linked as a singular Unified Communications solution using IP technology on every device.



Parcel Delivery: A solution to ensure no vital calls were missed -
Menzies Distribution

We were invited to tender for the provision of the telephone network across the Highlands of Scotland when the company was still known as AJG Parcels.

Optimising the way to hold and control calls and integrating smaller branches in a seamless solution with the head office were part and parcel of the design. We used a combination of internet and landline based network services to build a unified communications solution.

It has helped staff to cope better with the busy inbound call times, giving staff on the warehouse floor easy access to IP cordless technology and to speed up workflow management.

The auto attendant and integrated customised voicemail services make sure no calls are missed.



Inter office seamless call handling for a multi-level business - 
Scottish Provincial Press Group

As the leading provider of newspapers and magazines throughout the North of Scotland I had supplied their original telecoms infrastructure some 10 years prior.

With a good knowledge of the client’s network, staff and call handling requirements I customised an Integrated Unified Communications Solution for the hundreds of staff working from  15+ offices.

I provided ongoing support through account management.

The system has the capability to handle very large volumes of calls across all its offices and to allow staff to answer calls on behalf of other branches and newspaper titles.

The system benefits from links with fibre optic network connections and also integrates with their IT Network providing full call management stats.