A supermarket chain benefits from a combined energy storage and UPS solution.

The client is a major supermarket chain with multiple stores and distribution centres across the UK. The company actively and continuously explores ways that it can improve its sustainability from farm to shelf, and actively looks at new technologies available which can help contribute towards its goals.

Electricity costs account for a sizeable portion of supermarkets costs due to their need to operate strictly temperature controlled areas even when the stores are closed as well as catering for customer satisfaction through air conditioning and lighting, for extended, and even 24/7 operating hours.


The client is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK and is based in London. As a result of its activities, the company was very energy intensive and looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption

Additionally, the company was looking to electrify its fleet and required the charging capability to do this whilst keeping operations stable, making VIRTUE EV a perfect fit.

As the area in which it operated within was heavily constrained, the network couldn’t support the rapid charging facilities required by the company.